The Kindred Spirits Back From The Dead 1 Hour Special Coming Soon

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Investigating The Paranormal

Travel Channels show Kindred Spirits will creep viewers out in their one-hour special that premiers Thursday, June 25 at 10 P.m. ET/PT. Paranormal investigators Adam Berry and Amy Bruni, along side with psychic medium Chip Coffey, will travel to The Old Jail in St. Augustine, Florida. The jail has been long rumored to be extremely haunted. Many who have entered the jail have had some kind of paranormal experience.

The show goes into locations and try to help the owners bring peace to them and help to communicate with the dead. In some locations they try and get rid of whatever negative energy or presence may be investing the area. In others they try and give a voice to those who passed on and are trying to communicate with the living.

St. Augustine, Florida is no stranger to the paranormal and creepy occurrences. It’s home to one of the most famous haunted lighthouses in the United States, the St Augustine Lighthouse. There are many other locations within the old city that are also said to be haunted by the spirits of the past.

Will you be watching the 1-hour special on June 25th? Check out more info on the Travel Channels site here > Travel Channel

Check out a couple clips of the show if you haven’t seen it yet, let us know your thoughts!

Video Source – Travel Channel

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