The Mystery Of The Toynbee Tiles

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The Toynbee Tiles

The Mysterious Tiles That Tell the Future 

What would you do if you found messages that could possibly help the world in multiple ways? Would you believe that these messages were true and that they COULD solve many of the problems that we're facing in our world? Most people wouldn't believe it and dismiss these messages as a hoax, but what if the messages were in the form of strange tiles that are spread all around the world, what then?

Some people believe these messages were left in various cities by time travelers, others have said aliens or beings from another realm left these messages for us. But why are they spread around various cities in the most random of places? This is the case of the mysterious Toy N Bee Tiles! 

What do you think about these tiles, are they an elaborate hoax set up for everyone to talk about, or could there honestly be more to these tiles?

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