The Selfie Ghost – Blackpool, Lancashire

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The Selfie Ghost – Blackpool, Lancashire

So there's been a recent video that has been causing some uproars as of late. The video is of a girl who took a selfie, but in the background there's something very odd, it's supposedly a ghost. Now while some people are saying that it could be a problem with the camera, a shadow, or just a fake in general, some are saying that it's legit. Now in this day and age we all know that fakes are all around us, people create videos in order to go viral in some type of way. 

So could this footage be real?

It's still up in the air if this is actually real or not, the debate will probably never stop for photos like this. There have been numerous photos throughout the decades that have caught some rather odd stuff when looked at, but could this be real?

Who knows… 

Check out the video we found explaining the video and some of the buzz behind it 

Source – William Defalco –

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