The Story Of Room 217, Stephen King & The “The Shining”

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If you’re a horror movie fan, by now you have either seen or heard of Stephen King’s book ” The Shining”. Or maybe you’ve seen the iconic and terrifying movie that starred Jack Nicholson. Either way if you’ve watched the movie it probably left you a little speechless.

If you were like us you probably wondered how the heck Stephen King actually came up with the whole story and idea for it all. Well if you have you’re about to be in for a treat today.

So what do we know about the Stanley Hotel and it’s paranormal activity.? Some say a lot of the spirits that are in the hotel are ones that have come back. They enjoyed it so much in life that when they died they came back to the hotel. Others say there’s a spiritual vortex or some kind of energy center near or within the hotel.

However some paranormal investigators say that it could be part residual energy, and part intelligent ghosts… Hmmmm

Whatever the case may be, the paranormal activity was active and real enough that it inspired one of the creepiest works of our time. Check out the history of how this all came to be in this video we found by Christina Grozik,

Video Source – Christina Grozik,

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