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The Witches Well and Holy, Holy, Holy – New Jersey 


There are certain creepy places around the world that we all know about, they’re the stuff that legends and myths are made from. But then you have other places that aren’t so popular and kind of hidden away from people, like the area known as “Holy,Holy,Holy” and the Witches Well in Mount Holly New Jersey. The area was known for the witch trials and there’s rumors of hangings, burning at the stake and other disturbing things that went on.



The Holy is a supposed altar that was used to sacrifice witches and dispel the evil within the area in around late 1700’s to early 1800’s. Imagine living in a time where everyone was so scared of things they couldn’t see, understand, nor comprehend. Everything was either good or evil, and if it wasn’t deemed as something good it had to be dark and evil.Check out this video by 


Check out this video of this guy walking around the area 

Video Source –TheUnknownCameraman 


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