Saint Augustine Lighthouse – Florida

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Saint Augustine Lighthouse Where Some Guests Leave Crying There’s a creepy lighthouse in Saint Augustine, Florida that many believe to be haunted. There are various stories of WHY this place is actually haunted, but the main one tells about the lighthouse worker and his 2

The Whaley House – San Diego California

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  The Whaley House – San Diego California  The House Where Evil Is Alive  There are certain places on this earth that are haunted by what some call “intelligent ghosts”. Most hauntings are said to be that of residual energy and nothing more. However this

The Portal To Hell – The Sensebaugh Tunnel

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The Sensebaugh Tunnel  So the story is that supposedly a farmer and his family lived near this tunnel. One day out of the blue he went nuts and killed everyone in his family and threw them into a creek next to the tunnel. Some say that