Was Hitler Working For The Illuminati?

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Was Hitler Working For The Illuminati?

For as long as this evil man has been dead or supposedly been dead, there have been various rumors that he  was actually working for the illuminati. It's also been said that  everything that happened with the Nazi regime was actually planned out, not by him but by others with far greater power. 


That’s a scary thought since millions of people lost their lives in the process in what was one of the most horrific periods in human history.The world was thrown into chaos and is still feeling the effect of all the chaos and anarchy of that time period. Now could there have been an ulterior motive behind his plans, and could he have been helped or guided by others? Could he have been funded and helped by people we don't know about?

If he was helped out by the Illuminati what was reasoning behind it all, why did he have to kill so many people? It's scary think that if this is true, then what does this evil group have in store for the rest of humanity, and are they even human themselves?

What do you think?

Was Hitler Working For The Illuminati?

Source All Time Conspiracies – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYBU95nTPUc

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