Willows Weep

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The Haunted Willows Weep 

There's a creepy location in the small town of Danville, Indiana that goes by the name of Willows Weep. Now the house is said to have had some very strange and spooky stuff going on within it. And it's also said that the house has suffered many tragedies in the past. Could these bad things that happened in the past be attributed to the house and the energy that lay within it? Some say that it is and others say that the place is just cursed. 

How could this be?

Even creepier is the fact that there's a tree outside of the house that said to be cursed as well. Some say that the curse of the house is said be because of this tree and something that happened around this tree over a century ago. The problem is that anyone that messes with this tree has something bad happen to them not long after they mess with it. It sounds rather strange but everyone who does mess with this tree has something happened to them. 

Now many say that the ghosts of the of people who killed themselves in the house are said to also be in this house. Many of them believe that there's something that forced them to do what they did and that they wouldn't have done what they did somewhere else. But then again who knows if this is real or not, but I don't think I would want to stay in house very long at all if at all. Would you want to stay in this house alone?

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SOURCE – Beleieve A Paranormal Experience 

3 thoughts on “Willows Weep”

  1. Keyla Baird says:

    My mother in law lived in that house.. The lady that bought the house.. has fabricated stories to make money off of the deaths of people that lived there. That tree is not hundreds of years old but planted my my mother in law. People will believe anything they are told. There has only been one actual known death in that house. The rest of the stories are made up.

  2. Dean L. says:

    I actually live in the town where this house is. I don't dare go near it, and I suggest you not to go near it either. Someone pulled a branch off of the willow tree, and soon after that, died in a car crash. This house is seriously haunted.

  3. Will Fox says:

    Im at work, so will watch this at home tonight. Why do people say the willow tree itself is 'cursed'? Willows are lucky to last 20 yers before dying! That tree can't be as old as the house–not physically possible. Anyhoo, is there any documetation to the suicides/deaths in this house over the years, or is it pure wive's tales? Stories get passed down, whether true or not (usually not). I think people had bad luck & it gets associated with the tree. That's bunk! And I gather all the locals scared off any potential developers/buyers from touching the place? That's usually how the story goes……SMDH

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