The Worlds Most HAUNTED Forests

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The Worlds Most HAUNTED Forests 

We’ve all been hiking in the woods at one point in time or another, but how often do we think about the possibility of ghosts or other entities lurking in the woods nearby?

Most of us really don’t think about that kind of stuff unless we end up somewhere that looks old and abandoned. Most of the time we’re worried about running into a real life threat like a bear, wolf, wild dog, etc. But what if you ran into something that you’re not supposed to run into, what if it were something that was supposed to be a myth?


But unless you’re in one of these haunted forests in this video, chances are you don’t have anything really to fear or worry about. Then again what do we know, there might be some secret lurking right in your back yard that you don’t know about. 

How many places have some really creepy history that we don’t know about. There are a lot of places on this earth with a forgotten history, heck some of them have been swept away for a reason. But what happens when we actually step foot in these areas.

Could the past still be alive and still prey on the present, or is it all in the mind?

Check out the video and let us know what you think, would you go in one of these places?

SOURCE – Paranormal Junkie

One thought on “The Worlds Most HAUNTED Forests”

  1. Aaron Wan says:

    BS. The whole country of Germany only had half that many missing persons.

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