Could The Stories Of This Flying Cryptid Monster Be True?

11 thoughts on “Could The Stories Of This Flying Cryptid Monster Be True?”

  1. Joni giacomino says:

    Maybe moth an is a giant nocturnal bird. Anyway it makes for a great t-shirt idea 

    1. KELVIN JONES says:


  2. Joni giacomino says:

    Maybe mothman is a giant nocturnal bird. Still makes a great tshirt idea

  3. samuel smith says:

    i think it is a unknown bird but would love a mothman t-shirt

  4. Anita says:

    Maybe its a large bird in a moth man t shirt

  5. Dan Davidson says:

    Might be a Mothman as there is a Mothman Teeshirt.


  6. Eric says:

    I Think the Mothman could be real.  I notice in the actual footage with the one kid in a tshirt anwsering questions, he seem very real in in his answers and really believed he saw the Mothman.

  7. angelena moore says:

    My 9 year old son believe in the mothman Thanks for this story he loved it he would love a t-shirt thanks

  8. Kristen bartel says:

    Guess I’m a believer of the mothman until someone can prove it w/out a doubt its fake. Same goes for Bigfoot & the paranormal. Plus this stuff is way more fun to read about then then murders & riots 😉

  9. Cindy carbaugh says:

    I believe the month man exists. And would love a t-shirt to wear to inform others of him.

  10. Sherry Perry says:

    I was born in Charleston WV in 1958 and I have heard stories my daddy told me about the mothman. He was a truck driver and crossed that bridge all the time. I believe in it and would love to have a t-shirt……………….

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